Ira Luntz

Industry veteran Ira Luntz has joined LPS Real Estate group. After a successful stint at Listingbook (albeit a bizarre ending) it didn’t take long for Ira to find a new gig.

What’s interesting is that there seems to be a bit of secrecy on the project Ira is woking on. It will be interesting to see what LPS has up their sleeve next….

Congrats Ira!!


Top 10 Vendor Moments of 2009

Number 10…

Connect Create at Inman SF 2009. Diverse Solutions and Real Estate Web Masters went head to head on a challenge to develop an new real estate web app in less than 3 days. The spirit and enthusiasm of this event was truly something special. Can’t wait to see what happens in New York next month!

9. Connection 20?? Looks like the bad rep Connection developed for not allowing Vendors (even after Beth and Kurt nixed the idea for Connection 2009) has killed the event. na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye!

8. CMLS 2009! One of the best if not the best CMLS conference ever! Shelley and her crew hosted the event in Lake Tahoe and lots of fun and great content ensued!

7. The smile on Mike and Dave‘s face when they beat all comers in a grueling selection process for the right to be Tuscon Area’s MLS Vendor.

6. The smile on Seain and Brian‘s face when they realized they added over 50k new users in 2009 to Tarasoft’s Matrix platform.

5. The smile on Rapattoni‘s face when Fresno Association of REALTORs kicked out calREDD MLS and switched back to their Rapattoni MLS system.

4. The rise of CARETS. One MLS database to rule them all! Great for members, great for Vendors who only have to develop to one system and have access to over 100,000 members!

3. RPR. Call me an optimist but I think that Marty and his crew are smart enough to know that making robust APIs to RPR data will allow software developers to create fantastic new applications for N.A.R. members.

2. Social Media. Vendors have to realize that the advent of these new marketing channels are the best way to reach their clients. Vendors that embrace this will find themselves having a great 2010 and beyond.

and the number 1 top vendor moment of 2009 is….

1. The smile on Jay‘s face when they completed the deal with N.A.R. to be their exclusive vendor for the the RPR. LPS Real Estate Group has redefined what a big deal is in this industry.

I wrote a blog post about a friend of Dan and mine, Mike Banhagel. Mike’s persistence is beginning to pay off. The post received a lot of great comments.

Here’s another story, this time it’s about someone you may already know.

I keep a quote on my wall. The quote is about persistence. It goes like this:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States

Many of you know Damon Alton. He’s a long time real estate tech industry vet that has worked for all the major players. Damon recently completed writing a book; it’s called “The 90 Day Contract” – A Dating Solution. The book’s premise is that dating sucks and he has a innovative solution for singles to meet and get to know each other. I’ve read the book and it’s truly an awesome idea! Quick hit of the concept here.

Damon successfully used this method while he was single. He was so successful he eventually got married and dedicated the book to his wife (everyone can now say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh).

Damon sent me a photo of his first shipment of books. What a feeling he must of had seeing them for the first time!


Everyone likes to think they can write a book, invent something, start a company, etc. Very rarely does anyone back up those words with actually doing it. Damon did it. Now he’s on his way.

Too bad Oprah is retiring. I can just picture Damon sitting in that chair telling her why people need to stop dating and “get under contract”.

Make it happen Damon! Good luck!!

Support Damon by ordering his new book on Amazon and giving it a good review! Great Christmas gift to give to any single people you may know!! Here’s the link:

“The 90 Day Contract” – A dating solution

To check out Damon’s website, here’s the link:

One of the many weird things last week was how many companies were declared dead or dying. Rob Hahn, aka The Nortorious R.O.B., sure lived up to this moniker, had the largest body count with 3 companies.

Rob’s post last Friday, at the RPR session, declared both eNeighborhoods and OnBoard were dying.

Rob went on later on to declare “the death of RPR” that Saturday. Ouch!

Brian Boero echoed the death theme in a blog post by repeating the often whispered nickname given to the RPR as “The Reaper”.

Others were even declaring the death of MLS! Or that LPS‘ “uber deal” with NAR, was a stab in the heart to First American.

Another interesting story I heard was that C.A.R.’s calREDD initiative was going to be scuttled (remorphed in to something else?) in the next month or so, but this is old news to me.

This doesn’t sound like a NAR conference, it sounds like a Slasher Film!!

I’m not sure I agree with all these dire predictions but one thing is for sure, a lot of blood will be spilled.

Pope Ross says “Tis’ a sin to share revenues with the Church. Think of your congregation first!”

pope ross

"Here's how to order!"
Boom Baby! Now I feel like I can sell anything!!!

Thanks @YoungBillyMays!!


Okay, it might be a stretch but let me connect the dots for you….

Brad Inman is the founder of Inman News, HomeGain, Turn Here, and more recently Vook. If you don’t know what Vook is, visit their website here.

So I was reading this post over at “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs”, the post was titled:

Tablet Part Two: The true significance of the Tablet. Here’s an excerpt:

“The eventual goal is to have publishers create hybridized content that draws from audio, video, interactive graphics in books, magazines and newspapers, where paper layouts would be static. And with release dates for Microsoft’s Courier set to be quite far away and Kindle stuck with relatively static e-ink, it appears that Apple is moving towards a pole position in distribution of this next-generation print content. First, it’ll get its feet wet with more basic repurposing of the stuff found on dead trees today.

Italics mine on the “hybridized content.” Because that’s the key thing here. And that’s what Brian is getting at when he talks about “redefining” newspapers and other dead-tree products.”

Yes, I know that Dan Lyons (or Brian Lam for that matter) is not Steve Jobs. But doesn’t this sound like exactly what Brad is trying to do with Vook?

Brad was a keynote speaker at the recent CMLS. During the question and answer session he talked a lot about Apple. I asked him about Vook and Apple’s rumored Tablet and wondered if this wasn’t the perfect device for Vooks. All he would say is that he is always trying to “stay ahead of technology”.

Still not convinced?

So then I remember a Tweet I saw from Joel Berslem awhile back…

The smoking gun?

The smoking gun?

Joel is on Brad’s team at Vook.


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