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yeah, right.

Via MLS Tesseract


Have you read the story about calREDD on Inman News?
Here’s the link:

CalREDD rollout behind schedule
‘California MLS’ to push forward in 2010

It appears one of Vendor Alley’s readers has, they sent me this image, anonymously (of course)

In case you can’t read the text it says “calREDD – Bringing a Redundant MLS to California…at a Stately Pace.”

I still think “But we’ll always have Winforms” is funnier!


Pope Ross says “Tis’ a sin to share revenues with the Church. Think of your congregation first!”

pope ross

I kid…..I kid…….

; )

This is too funny!

Just in case you didn’t get the email (yeah right!) Rapattoni is having a contest where the lucky winner could win a stuffed “Rapattoni lion”.


This has certainly raised the bar for booth give away items. Leaves me to wonder what will the competition do? Here’s my suggestions….

FNRES/Cyberhomes, LLC/LPS
Long known as the king of catchy booth-ware (who can forget the “I like BIG BUTTons” t-shirts?) might I suggest a giganto stuffed chameleon to match your ever changing persona?

The young upstarts from Fargo have been working all Winter filling sandbags to hold back the waters of the Red River. So how about replica sandbags? But instead of being stuffed with sand they will be stuffed with reprints from Mike Wurzer’s FlexMLS Blog! This would be great for the office. Every now and then you could reach in the bag and find a great article about “MLS standards” to read.

I think you take advantage of having the cool letter “X” in your name and go for the co-marketing opportunity with the release of new “X-Man Origins” movie. You could hand out Wolverine back scratchers!

In what Joel Singer described as a “necessary move” toward their statewide MLS initiative calREDD. The California Association of REALTORS announced they were formally changing their name to the Krafchow Association of REALTORS or K.A.R for short.

Ed Krafchow

Ed Krafchow

Mr. Singer continued, “Ed was tired of paying all those dues to multiple MLS providers so we had to come up with a way to repay him.”


In other news, K.A.R also asserted itself beyond the geographic boundaries of California. “Our calREDD project has generated so much interest from outside of California that we are now offering the first 6 months free for all MLS participants 200 miles into the Pacific Ocean as well as 200 miles straight up in the sky.,” offered Singer.

“While we know this is really going to tick off the Chinese and Russians, it simply doesn’t make sense to limit ourselves to just land only. I mean, people do live on boats after all and now we have ex-Microsoft dudes flying into space. It was logical and , believe it or not, our new cool technology is even faster in space. Way, way faster! Like lightspeed faster” stated Joel Singer.

Ed Krafchow had no comment on his new namesake.

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