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Cloud CMA and the downfall of crappy real estate software
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yeah, right.

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1000Watt Consulting released the “1000watt Index” this week. To me this is the next generation of the “Real Estate Mind Map” they published awhile back. Here’s a few thoughts I have about the site.

First off, I LOVE the design. It’s as simple as it gets. Great layout. They have about 35 categories, laid out nicely, and already have over 300 links to companies/products.

This reminded me of a simliar web site launched a couple months ago called (now called It was put out by the guys at 37signals. Basically it’s was a way for companies to find web designers. Web designers can get a free posting or pay for a premium posting (bigger, more content).

Joel at 1000watt says there are no plans for charging vendors. But I think it is something they should consider.

Taking it a step further is the WAV Group. They are launching a new site called The site is not launched yet but will launching in several markets early this year. They also provide free listings for vendors AND a way to pay for premium ads. Agents will able to access the site through their MLS system is some markets.

The guys at LPS Real Estate Group have asked me to post this new job opening.

LPS Real Estate Group – Broker & Agent Products
Position: Product Manager


LPS Real Estate Group is a leading provider of Internet solutions for the real estate industry. The Broker & Agent Products (BAP) team offers an award-winning suite of products, called rDesk, which includes broker and agent web sites, Contact Manager, CMA, IDX, and more. We are expanding our product management team, and looking for an enthusiastic individual that possesses that rare but valuable mixture of intellectual curiosity, business acumen, marketing savvy, technical proficiencies, strong communication skills, and fastidious attention to detail.

Job Description

The Product Manager is responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering, sales, marketing and support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. The Product Manager’s job also includes ensuring that the product and marketing efforts support the company’s overall strategy and goals.

The Product Manager is expected to:
1. Define the product strategy and roadmap based on market needs and industry trends as well as information gathered from customers and business stakeholders
2. Work with customers, business, sales, account management, and support to understand, prioritize, and communicate product requirements.
3. Clearly define development tasks in the form of Product Specifications
4. Work closely with engineering, QA, project management, and account management teams to ensure successful launch and ongoing enhancements to products
5. Conduct market analysis and run usability studies, focus groups, and surveys to assess, confirm, define, and prioritize product plans.
6. Work with sales and marketing to establish pricing and effective communication of product features and value propositions.
7. Keep up-to-date with market trends and industry information, and be an expert with regards to the competition.
8. Work with external third parties to assess and form strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities


• Minimum 5 years experience as product manager, business analyst or related responsibility. Experience with real estate products a significant plus.
• Minimum 3 years experience working with software and Internet products, primarily in the B2B sector.
• Proven technical proficiencies in software and Internet arena, such that you can communicate effectively with engineering. Experience with Agile development environment a plus.
• Experience in producing product specifications. Able to supplement words with screen shots and other tools to communicate what is required.
• Demonstrated success in working in a team environment with engineering, project management, customer support, sales, etc.
• Highly organized, with extensive attention to detail.
• Have an absolute comfort in engaging with clients and partners.
• Possess a natural curiosity to explore product opportunities, and ability to convert that understanding into clear specifications.
• Strong industry references.


Gail.Wu at lpsvcs dot com

*** This post is best read while listening to Jay Z’s track “Empire State of Mind” off his new album “The Blueprint III ***

Oh man I’m getting pumped up for next week! Brad Inman and his team have certainly put together another great conference. I’ve heard attendance is up from last year. So I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. Dan and I have a lot going on at the conference that I wanted to share with you.

First up:

Cloud CMA launch!
Yup, we plan to officially launch our latest web app, Cloud CMA at the show. We will have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about this later this week so STAY TUNED!

We will have a demo pod on Wednesday only in “Start-Up Alley” so if you want to come and see a live demo of Cloud CMA please stop by!

Wednesday, January 13


Dan Woolley will be moderating a Workshop called ConnectTech from 9AM to 11:30AM
Topics include:
Tips and Tricks For Working with the iPhone SDK
How to code IDX Solutions that Don’t Suck
CTO Roundtable: What’s the Next Round of Online Real Estate Innovation?

Thursday, January 14

10:20AM – 10:40AM
I (Greg Robertson) will be on stage for “Start-up Shoot-Out” Part I:The Entrepreneurs”
There will be six us of us pitching our new products and the audience and a panel of judges will decide who take home a prize valued at $25,000!

11:10AM – 11:30AM
Start-Up Shoot-Out Part II: The Investors
High-profile venture investors weigh-in on the start-ups. What do they like? What don’t they like? Will they invest? (Not sure if we get back on stage for this or not yet?)
Investors include: Simon Baker, Vanessa Fox, Brad Inman, and Michael Yang

3PM to 4:PM

I’m doing “CONNECT LAB 2”:

Vendors Only: Selling Technology Solutions in Real Estate
“You’ve got an application. A service. Something you think is killer. But you have no idea how to market and sell it. Learn how to price your product, message it, and get in front of the people who will buy it in this session led by one of the most battle-tested marketing and bus dev executives in the business.”

I’ll be giving a short presentation on what I’m calling “The Twin Peaks of real estate app sales”

I’m kind of bummed a bit because Michael Wurzer is moderating one of the “INNOVATION TRACKS” around the same time:

2PM to 5PM

MIke has a killer line up of topics and panelists.

RPR Reverb: Should MLSs Love it or Fear it?
Breaking Data Taboos for Fun and Profit
For Those Who Think Big: Charter an Alternate Strategy for Your MLS
Not if, But How To: Work Towards Best Practices for MLS Data Sharing

Ought to be a good show. See you there!

Suzanne Harris has joined LPS Real Estate Group. Suzanne was most recently the director of MLS Affairs at OnBoard, LLC. OnBoard closed it’s office in South Florida when it announced it had failed in its efforts in creating an IDX aggregation platform. Suzanne was the the director of Dominion Data Services (Dominion Enterprises is the parent company of eNeighborhoods). Suzanne was instrumental in launching the IDX resource center of eNeighborhoods where she managed a team to help launch the network of broker IDX sites for RE/MAX International. Suzanne also held a position in the marketing department of eNeighborhoods.

Fresno MLS’ conversion to calREDD’s Concentric MLS system has hit the main stream media, or at least Inman News.

In an article called “New MLS service catches heart-Bumpy start for CALMLS’s calREDD” writer Erik Pisor does his best to cover all angles. Lots of spinning going on, from the people interviewed in the article along with some of the comments.

In the article Erik quotes one of my blog posts

‘ The concept and launching of calREDD has also drawn skepticism from others in the vendor community.

“Greg Robertson, co-founder of W&R Studios and former vice president and general manager of real estate tech company eNeighborhoods, prophesized in his Vendor Alley blog that “calREDD will soldier on as a solution for smaller associations in the state, and ultimately fail.” ‘


“Prophesized”? Really? I’m sure “predicted” would have sufficed, or maybe I should change the name of the blog to “Vendor Buddha” (although some might relate the change in name to my girth and not Erik’s choice of words!

Clairvoyance aside, this story has so much drama and intrigue I can’t wait to see what happens next!


It’s almost sounds like one of Billy Shakespeare’s plays..

The Fair Maiden(s)
The 155,000 REALTOR(R) members of C.A.R. need rescuing! And of course Ed Krafchow (who really doesn’t qualify as a “maiden”, but work with me here.)

The Jealous King
C.A.R having the audacity to think it can start/run a statewide MLS (calREDD). “One ring to rule them all!”

The Old Guard
MLS Provider leadership who see calREDD “as a solution is search of a problem”.

The Young Upstarts
Concentric; C.A.R.’s MLS Vendor of choice for calREDD. An untested group of people and technology formed by former Rapattoni employees.

The Irony
Rapattoni is losing business to a company who was started by former employees.

The Knights Of The Round Table

More Irony
calREDD joins CARETS. WTF?

We’re only in ACT I and a new show, which promises to be a blockbuster is less than a month away!

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