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Just in case you missed it yesterday….

My only question is how much did Gregg Larson pay this guy? ; )

I kid…I kid!

One of the many weird things last week was how many companies were declared dead or dying. Rob Hahn, aka The Nortorious R.O.B., sure lived up to this moniker, had the largest body count with 3 companies.

Rob’s post last Friday, at the RPR session, declared both eNeighborhoods and OnBoard were dying.

Rob went on later on to declare “the death of RPR” that Saturday. Ouch!

Brian Boero echoed the death theme in a blog post by repeating the often whispered nickname given to the RPR as “The Reaper”.

Others were even declaring the death of MLS! Or that LPS‘ “uber deal” with NAR, was a stab in the heart to First American.

Another interesting story I heard was that C.A.R.’s calREDD initiative was going to be scuttled (remorphed in to something else?) in the next month or so, but this is old news to me.

This doesn’t sound like a NAR conference, it sounds like a Slasher Film!!

I’m not sure I agree with all these dire predictions but one thing is for sure, a lot of blood will be spilled.

supra_ibox 2


A recent Bloomberg story stated:

United Technologies Corp. has emerged as the frontrunner in the bidding for General Electric Co.’s fire alarm and surveillance systems unit, said a person familiar with the matter. ”

Many people know General Electric Security owns Supra.

What’s the fuss? Well, if you remember the “lockbox wars” heated up in the late 90s. This was due to Interlogix (the owner of Supra t the time) changing the business model from a turnkey/software license approach to a service/lease model. This created a nice recurring revenue model that was much more appealing from a revenue standpoint. The negative reaction from the MLS Providers/Associations came from this shift taking revenue from them and shifting it back to the company – and there was nothing they could do about it.

Not to say that anything like this would occur with this potential sale. But, as we are all too familiar with, ownership changes will have an impact. Since Supra still serves about 70% of the MLSs/Associations in the country, it can have a big vendor impact to them.

For further information about this possible deal check out this post on Security System News. The part about GE is toward the bottom.