Greg Robertson

Greetings, cabal.

Welcome to my personal blog, Vendor Alley. My name is Greg Robertson, I’m co-founder of W&R Studios, a software company dedicated to bringing next generation Web 2.0 applications to real estate. Our first web app is a social bookmarking site for real estate called Dwellicious. We are also launching Cloud CMA in January of 2010.

Dwellicious was recently named as a finalist for the 2009 Inman Innovator Award, under the “Most Innovative Technology” category.

This blog is dedicated to the real estate technology industry, from the Vendor’s POV. Lately I’ve been writing reviews on new products and websites. I also love to cover trade shows and conferences and keep up with all the major industry players. It’s an exciting business will a lot of colorful, smart and talented people.

So set your reading glasses to ‘satire’, and join me as we try to make sense of the crazy business known as real estate. If you really want to get the full experience, you can follow me on Twitter.

Happy Landings,


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W&R Studios’ Blog ->Lightning | Twice
Dwellicious Blog ->Chew On This

Buzz about Vendor Alley:

An Inman News Special Report lists Greg Robertson and as “Real Estate’s Most Influential Online: 2009” Here’s an excerpt:
…Robertson’s Vendor Alley Blog is a sometimes humorous, sometimes down-and-dirty insider’s look at the real estate industry through the eyes of a vendor. It’s a must read for anyone who has ever attended a real estate industry conference or plans to….


8 Responses to “About”

  1. David Harris Says:

    Just found your site and I have subscribed to it. Look forward to reading your musings.

    David Harris
    Director of IT
    FMLS (Atlanta)

  2. Gib Souza Says:

    RSS feed link is not working.

  3. powersports360 Says:

    How can i contact you?

    Can you give me your contact details?
    Previously i’m a prtner of motorcycle bussiness. Presnt i’m planing to start a bussiness on realestates too.

  4. valar39 Says:

    May I ask why the fidelity posting was closed? Just curious. Thanks.

  5. @valar39

    We were getting a lot of mean-spirited comments and inappropriate stuff.

  6. Ann Says:

    Hi Greg
    I have created a website which lists real estate for sale or rent. The listings are free and for realtors or homeowners. I am a computer programmer and know next to nothing about marketing. I have Canada mapped out and California. I am almost done Oregon and plan to eventually have all of the U.S. online. I have done all of the work on the site myself and am funding it myself. This is my first foray into web apps. I do have listings in some places ( Nova Scotia, Southern Quebec, and B.C. Lower mainland) but obviously I need way more. I am paying google for ad clicks.
    I have read that it helps if you do blogs and social networking but I am not at all wordy or witty ( I do appreciate your wittiness though). Any ideas?

  7. Appraiser in Fresno Says:

    Funniest video I’ve ever seen. I think Robin Williams said that Comedy = Tragedy + Time. The CalREDD video is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen (right up there with Jim Carey doing the news on Bruce Almighty) You’ve definitely piqued my interest. Thanks for making my day.

  8. Anuyawka Says:


    How do I “subscribe” to this blog and/or receive a “backstage pass?” I’ve been all over the site and can’t seem to find it.


    Go Yankees!

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