phone.jpgAccording to reports HouseValues had a harsh 4th quarter, adding 2,700 new customers but losing 4,300. Shows how tough it is to attract and retain agents these days. I can tell you that it’s not from a lack of trying. I got a call at about 11AM in the morning, from a HouseValues rep, asking me if I could “accept any leads right now” (Great line by the way…). My name must be caught on an agent list out there, or maybe I submitted it while doing marketing recon. Anyway the interesting thing about the call was that it was on a Saturday. Hear that folks? Just when you thought that being a real estate vendor wasn’t hard enough, now you have to make sales calls on the weekend!


aie_20071.jpgThe Association Executive Institute is always a fun event, this one didn’t disappoint. We were surprised by the assortment of industry faces. Bob Goldberg, John Holley, Bob Greenspan along with Bob Hale were all in attendance. We didn’t a chance to catch any breakout sessions but heard the content was good.
Also heard on the street- Mona Beckham is leaving to move to… guessed it FNRES. Looks like she is joining Marty Frame’s cyberhomes effort. Good luck Mona!

cmlslogo.JPGCMLS, formerly Northwest Council of MLS (for all you old timers out there) is celebrating their 50th year in existence.  True to its roots they are holding the event in Seattle.  NWMLS will be the host this year, its from October 10th -12th at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.  Check out for more details.  This is a great orgazinization and they host a solid event every year.  See you there!

Vegas Baby!
red.jpgThe event staff at KW get’s our Valentine’s Day card this year.  Good show, about 9,500 in attendance.  Lunch was provided for everyone, including exhibitors – shows these guys have some class.  Also, they placed the “cyber cafes”, where everyone checks their email,  inside the exhibit hall to help with booth traffic.   The show goes till Thursday, February 15th.

Connection 2007 is being held in Ft. Lauderdale this year.  I won’t bother with telling you the dates because guess what, no MLS Vendors allowed.  Check out  “An Open Letter to the Sponsors, Partners and Vendors to the MLS Industry