1000Watt Consulting released the “1000watt Index” this week. To me this is the next generation of the “Real Estate Mind Map” they published awhile back. Here’s a few thoughts I have about the site.

First off, I LOVE the design. It’s as simple as it gets. Great layout. They have about 35 categories, laid out nicely, and already have over 300 links to companies/products.

This reminded me of a simliar web site launched a couple months ago called Haystack.com (now called Sortfolio.com). It was put out by the guys at 37signals. Basically it’s was a way for companies to find web designers. Web designers can get a free posting or pay for a premium posting (bigger, more content).

Joel at 1000watt says there are no plans for charging vendors. But I think it is something they should consider.

Taking it a step further is the WAV Group. They are launching a new site called RETechnology.com. The site is not launched yet but will launching in several markets early this year. They also provide free listings for vendors AND a way to pay for premium ads. Agents will able to access the site through their MLS system is some markets.