Man this is a tough business! I mean what does someone have to do to get a little respect??

Case in point.


Bud Fogel and Brad Tertell have successfully merged MAP MLS and MLSNI respectively to the the 51,000 member MRED, LLC powerhouse. No small effort, especially if you know the history, but they got it done. So what next? A bonus? Maybe a raise? Nope their board, in all their wisdom, has decided to go forward with and executive search firm to search for a new CEO. Of course Bud and Brad are welcome to apply. Chicago politics? Money to burn? WTF??


In the Northwest we have a different type of story. It was recently announced that Beth Murphy would be stepping down as CEO of RMLS and focusing on special projects. Kurt von Wasmuth and the RMLS staff have done a great job of keeping RMLS going, even hosting a Connection 2008 conference, while Beth has been on the mend. Now it looks like their board is also hiring an executive search firm to help fill the top spot. Why spend the money? Whatever happened to promoting from within? Don’t they remember what happened last time? WTF?