The early reports are in and they are not good for CalREDD or their new MLS vendor Concentric.


Here’s some of the feedback I’ve been reading….

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“It’s too bad you didn’t consult with a real Real Estate agent when you developed this program. I resent being this much of a guinea pig at the expense of losing sales due to your poor program.”

Fresno Real Estate Market Talk: Fresno MLS CalRedd system starts off badly
“They should have had a transition period where our old system, “Rappatoni” would work and we could migrate to the new “CalRedd” system. That is not the case, and basically our business is somewhat paralyzed until we can get the data correct.”

London Properties: Fresno Valley Real Estate and Homes:CalRedd
” one thing she has learned so far this that when you click on “think” don’t keep clicking it let the system have time to down load”

From our own comments on Vendor Alley, one reader comments:
“Not impressed with CalREDD at the moment. I’ve used Rapattoni, MLXchange, MLSListings, Paragon, and a couple of other MLS’s in the past. CalREDD is the worst one. It is slow and also missing simple functionality that can be found in all of the above mentioned MLS’s. Fresno made a big mistake by switching over from a far greater system in Rapattoni.”

A California Statewide MLS Provider

A California Statewide MLS Provider

I’ve been in this business long enough to know that every MLS conversion has its fair share of nightmares. Fresno is a relatively small MLS (about 4,000 members) and C.A.R. is trying to convince everyone they have what it takes to be a statewide MLS provider. You would think that with such a bright spotlight upon them they would take extra special care on getting this right.