poor little unicorn


In my recent post I pondered what the latest announcement from calREDD meant to the continuing saga of its quest to become the statewide MLS solution for California. This generated quite a bit of discussion online and offline.

So here’s a few predictions/statements:

calREDD as single statewide MLS solution is dead.
They can put any spin they want on it, but their state wide iniative is DOA. In fact after all the grandstanding there is a big question mark right now if calREDD even qualifies as an MLS.

CARETS will to continue to grow.
I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more and more MLS providers join CARETS. I wouldn’t be surprised if some announcements will be made shortly.

calREDD will solider on as a solution for smaller associations in the state, and ultimately fail.
If C.A.R. thinks that the existing MLS vendors will not fight to keep their customers then they REALLY don’t understand the MLS business.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong!!!

: )