June 2009

Check out the press release at the bottom of this post:

If I understand this correctly the MLS division is no longer called FNRES anymore. They will now be now known as LPS Real Estate Group. Or maybe just LPS. And it looks like Cyberhomes becomes more of a product name, not known as a division name as previously.

(You gotta wonder whether or not these guys order a full box of business cards!)


“LiPS” is a good name, since you have to kiss so much ass in this industry! ; )

Good luck to Jay Gaskill, John Hensley and Marty Frame.

Lender Processing Services Announces Formation of LPS Real Estate Group
from Acquisition of FNRES Holdings and Cyberhomes, LLC
New LPS Division to Provide Powerful Tools, Data and Content to the Real Estate Industry

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – June 30, 2009 – Lender Processing Services, Inc. (NYSE: LPS), a leading provider of integrated technology and services to the mortgage and real estate industries, today announced the formation of the LPS Real Estate Group. The new division was created as a result of the acquisition and rebranding of the businesses comprising FNRES Holdings, Inc., which includes two primary businesses: FNRES MLS and Cyberhomes, LLC.
The LPS Real Estate Group will include the LPS businesses that support the real estate market, including services and solutions for Multiple Listing Services and associations, franchisors, brokers, settlement services providers, agents, lenders and media technology companies. These businesses include innovative tools such as Paragon;™ the reInsight™ collection; rDesk® Website, Broker Suites, rDesk® IDX; TransactionPoint®; DocCentral; Cyberhomes, the Cyberhomes Real Estate Advertising Network that generates revenue for its publishers; as well as a robust real estate property and tax database that includes 285 million residential and commercial property, ownership, sales, assessment and mortgage records. The current executive management team for FNRES Holdings will continue to lead the LPS Real Estate Group division.
“The proliferation of the Internet, the advent of new technologies and challenging market conditions have created a new age in the real estate market,” said LPS Real Estate Group President Jay Gaskill. “We are excited that this new LPS division will provide capabilities to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers and to deliver exciting new solution sets for their immediate and long-term benefit.”
The LPS Real Estate Group has relationships with more than 300 MLS organizations and many of the nation’s largest brokers and settlement services companies and the division’s businesses provide technology applications and data to more than 350,000 real estate professionals.
According to Gaskill, “There are a few themes that seem to resonate with our business clients. First, everyone is looking for new ways to generate revenue. Second, real estate agents are looking for tools and content to help them increase the value of their services and offer additional value-added services to consumers, who are becoming more self-sufficient. Finally, everyone is looking for ways to reduce operating costs. The depth and breadth of the LPS Real Estate Group’s tools and services will enable us to deliver on these critical customer needs by empowering our partners in the real estate industry.”
More information on the LPS Real Estate Group can be found at http://www.lpsreg.com.


Marc Davison from 1000Watt Consulting has a new post on Inman today…

From Part I of “New brokerage model: from bust to boom”

“Your attempt to attain future brokerage status will drown in the bong water if all you do is slap up a new site on WordPress, bang out a few blogs, recruit a few more top producers at 93/7 or lease a bistro like retail space sandwiched between Hugo Boss and Mac Cosmetics on Luxury Ave.”

Read the whole article here.

Property Portal Watch has kindly posted an article I’ve written about the future of real estate search.

Here’s an excerpt…

“Everyone loves talking about real estate. But before you can share this information with everyone (Facebook, Twitter, etc) having all your favorites in one place is key. Bringing that off-line conversation on-line could bring the whole concept of “crowd sourcing” real estate search to reality.”

To read the full article please visit Property Portal Watch.


I just heard that OnBoard has closed or is closing it’s Ft. Lauderdale offices. The status of the employees at that office is unknown at this time.

The Ft. Lauderdale team was primarily responsible for building an IDX aggregation system and had developers who were also working on their fabled Lifestyle Search Engine (LSE). Many of the Ft. Lauderdale team members were former eNeighborhoods employees. eNeighborhoods currently handles IDX services for remax.com, coldwellbanker.com, century21.com, and era.com.

This is in concert with the news that OnBoard has entered a “strategic partnership” with Cyberhomes. Which states “Onboard Informatics has chosen Cyberhomes as its MLS listings feed aggregation partner. ”

So if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly OnBoard decided that it was easier to buy than build this technology. The move also comes on the heels of the “departure” of Rob Hahn.

Seems like OnBoard is scrambling. It was always puzzling to me why they wanted to build a national IDX aggregation system from scratch. I’m sure they found out quick that it’s not so easy.

The bigger question is the fate of the employees they hired to implement their strategic mistake.

poor little unicorn


In my recent post I pondered what the latest announcement from calREDD meant to the continuing saga of its quest to become the statewide MLS solution for California. This generated quite a bit of discussion online and offline.

So here’s a few predictions/statements:

calREDD as single statewide MLS solution is dead.
They can put any spin they want on it, but their state wide iniative is DOA. In fact after all the grandstanding there is a big question mark right now if calREDD even qualifies as an MLS.

CARETS will to continue to grow.
I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more and more MLS providers join CARETS. I wouldn’t be surprised if some announcements will be made shortly.

calREDD will solider on as a solution for smaller associations in the state, and ultimately fail.
If C.A.R. thinks that the existing MLS vendors will not fight to keep their customers then they REALLY don’t understand the MLS business.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong!!!

: )

Thought I’d share with you my latest creation….



The latest news about calREDD has me confused (see link below). I read it 3 times and still don’t understand WTF went down, or up for that matter!

California MLS database gets boost
Backers of statewide initiative join CARETS

Even the headline and the sub-headline of the article makes you scratch your head!



I’ll need to find my C.A.R./Silvas decoder ring and get back to you next week. My best guess is that they both became Swingers.

Have a great weekend!

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