I’ve been getting reports from some of the industry trade shows, most notably the IBC (International Business Conferences) for Coldwell Banker, Century 21, and ERA. Realogy held these events in San Antonio, TX.

The reports are just plain ugly. Little to no attendees. Staff hiding from exhibitors for fear of being pelted with questions about attendance. Exhibitors just plain leaving, not wanting to waste any more money on hotel rooms and other travel expenses.

RE/MAX’s conference did much better than most (most likely due to the fact they held their event in Las Vegas, NV)

I heard that Alex Perriello, Realogy’s President and CEO, announced they were going to suspend the annual conferences for the foreseeable future.

This gets me wondering, are we going through a rough patch, a phase, or are things never going to be the same again?

What do you think?

Maybe trade shows aren’t dead, they just need another format.

See you there!