March 2009

Drew Meyers of Zillow today formally welcomed Dwellicious to the Zillow API program.


Check out Drew’s post on Zillow Blog.

Read about Dwellicious’ implementation of Zillow’s API and other new features on W&R Studios’ blog, Lightning | Twice .



If you head over to the Rapattoni’s website you notice that Bill Andrews is missing.

Anyone know where Bill has ended up?

Another interesting side note is that Kevin Wolff is back. I had heard that Kevin had retired but now it turns out that he has rejoined Rapattoni.

Makes you wonder if Bill has found his “Endless Summer” and what lured Kevin out of retirement?

Last year I had a lot of fun with these.

I’ve got a few already written and ready to go. If you have any suggestions for posts email me at vendor dot alley at

According to a press release issued by CAR, four local associations including Fresno, Lake County, San Joaquin Valley (the Gateway to Yosemite), and Madera Assn. have signed up with calREDD. This represents about 3,500 of the 180,000 members (1.9%) of California Assn. of REALTORS.

From what I’m told Concentric Software (calREDD’s MLS Vendor) will not be their primary MLS system but run in parallel with their existing MLS systems.

I’m curious to know what MLS vendor these associations are currently using. If you know, please comment.

Madera County Association of REALTORS® 2009 President E’Mira Torres commented in the press release…
““We were searching for a new MLS system that provides an innovative way of sharing property information data, is on the leading edge of technology, and is cost-effective and user-friendly,…”

Congrats Concentric!


Fargo is a pretty big news story right now. Flood waters are rising as the town pulls together to stop the water from overflowing in to homes.

Fargo is also home to FBS Data Systems. Mike Wurzer is FBS’s CEO.
Many of you read Mike’s blog.. Mike is also a good friend.

Just wanted to say we are all thinking of you Mike, and your team at FBS. Godspeed guys and stay safe!!

I’ve heard from multiple sources that Rapattoni has issued Concentric Software a cease and desist letter. Concentric Software website was down for a short time this morning, further fueling rumors.

Concentric’s founder is a former Rapattoni employee as are some of their key managers.

Can anyone else confirm or deny this???

If this is true is would be a huge stumbling block for CAR and CalREDD and its bid to be the state-wide MLS of California. It doesn’t say too much for their much touted vetting process either.

RUMOR has been denied by Rich Igou, Concentric’s founder.

Mike Silvas of CalREDD clarifies legal action toward Concentric Software. (SEE COMMENTS)


My partner in crime Dan Woolley will be on the 2:30PM panel tomorrow at REtechSouth on the Main Stage. The topic is…

Building the Better Mousetrap: Next Generation of Search
Other panelists include, Corey Kozlowski, Rudy Bachraty, Andrew Tillman, Greg Tracy, David Carroll, and Rob Hahn.

I hope someone will be live streaming the session, or at least doing a Twitter feed. Let me know!


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