November 2008


Looks like the folks at Agent Genius have written a review of Dwellicious.

Here’s a snippet…

Why We Like Dwellicious– We like it because it’s a consumer platform first, a conversation model second, and a lead tool third. It really puts into perspective what is most important in our industry and it doesn’t exclude the professional. ”

To read the full review visit here…

Dwellicious – Bookmark Property Listings Socially



Take a look at the comments in the last post. Some of the comments give names of those who departed.

We’ll be watching, sounds like Mr. Hensley will have his hands full.


I’m hearing some loose talk out there. Still trying to put it all together.

Here’s the news…Fidelity MLS is going to consolidate under another Fidelity division, possibly Cyberhomes. Over 10 people have been let go as part of the consolidation.

Looks like Bev Faull is out as General Manager. She is no longer with the company.



The group will have a new General Manager, if it’s Cyberhomes I’m guessing the new GM will be John Hensley. John would then be in charge of broker/agent products and MLS products.

John Hensley- New GM of Fidelity MLS division?

John Hensley- New GM of Fidelity MLS division?

All I can say is WOW. Bev put her heart and soul in to this division. But it looks like the powers to be wanted some new blood to bring these guys in to the new year. John is a strong product guy and has been successful at getting some bigger deals done recently. Time will tell.

I’m also hearing that another person who had left the MLS division is now coming back. So any managers out there with former FNRES people, check your inboxes!!

If anyone can confirm any of this email or post a comment.

As many of you know Beth Murphy from RMLS Portland has been struggling with an illness. Here is the latest report via CarePages from her husband Greg….

“Today we moved to the next step of rehab. Beth is in physical rehab. Her lungs and breathing are doing good enough for her to start the last leg of rehab. Here is the new address of the hospital:
Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital
c/o Beth Murphy
1015 N.W. 22nd Ave.
Rm 4-2
Portland, OR. 97210

Please stop by if your in the area, But visiting hours are in the evening because she is working out all day long. Please continue to send those cards, she loves reading them. They are talking about her being home for Christmas. It’s been a long haul and I can’t wait for her to be home.
Love to all….Greg”

I know we are all busy. But lets all take some time today and send Beth a quick note of encouragement. Make it happen!

Looks like Dwellicious is getting some main stream web attention. Check out a review from Mashable. The comments are great!


You can also check WRG’s Lightning | Twice Blog for more insight.



Read all about it!

The Blog Post heard round the world…

The analysis…

The discussion…
Agent Genius

The response…
Realtor Magazine

It never ceases to amaze me how unglued Realtors get about FSBOs!

Right out of the gate Dwellicious is already generating some buzzzzzzzzz!

In Wav Group’s Blog Victor Lund singled out Dwellicious as “Most Innovative of Show” for NAR 2008 stating;

“WAV Group’s pick for most innovative new product at NARLANDO.

It is always refreshing when the WAV Group gets to see new technology products early on in their development. Like a lime in a corona, dwellicious is cool and refreshing. Having previously developed dozens of products over the years, Dan and Greg have hit one that may cast themselves well beyond the eNeighborhoods boat.

The positioning for the product is simple. We know that consumers are going to 4 or more websites in their search for a home. We know that they hate to register to keep the information they want to save from each site. We know that social bookmarking is a hugely popular internet feature (aka Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious).

With dwellicious, consumers can bookmark listings from any site they like, and its free!

For agents, it will be a great prospecting tool for buyers. They will be able to market their listings and services to consumers who are already expressing interest in similar homes.

Wouldn’t it be great if an agent bookmarked the location of their listed properties on all of the syndication sites?

The boys have a great product – stay tuned for their public launch.”


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