The Virginian Pilot is reporting today that “Landmark suspends sale of most assets, not Virginian-PilotLandmark Communications is the parent of Dominion Enterprises.

Dominion Enterprises owns some of the top brands in real estate technology;, eNeighborhooods, Advanced Access, Number1Expert and Harmon Homes Magazine (now Magazine)

This has got to be a HUGE BUMMER for Dominion Enterprises. They spent all year working on selling these assets. Maybe they took too long. Might be that minding all those “Ps and Qs” cost them some “$”.

The real question now is; What’s next?

Simply put the owners of Dominion Enterprises wanted out. They wanted the cash. They didn’t want to run a big company anymore. They wanted to relax. Rest on their laurels. Live the good life!

And who could blame them? Who would want to run a complex company like Dominion Enterprises, especially now??

I’m hoping that the leadership at Dominion Enterprises can rally and shift gears. There are a lot of Dominion employees, and their families, counting on them to do so..