As many of you know I’m selling my house. I currently live in South Florida, which our friends in the press have called “Ground Zero for the real estate crisis”.


I want to move back to Southern California (Which I guess would be the “1st floor” of the real estate “crisis” if South Florida is “Ground Zero”?)

I digess.

About the only thing I have going for me, beside a nice house, is that I bought back in 2003, not 2005.

Anyway, my house was listed exactly 1 month ago. So far I’ve had 19 showings, so I’m pretty happy with the traffic. Today we had 3 showings. Tomorrow we have 2 other showings plus a “second showing” (meaning someone is coming back to see it again). Cross your fingers (mine are raw).

I thought I share with you my little “showing secret”.

I have a pretty decent AV setup. I’ve got a 52″ Samsung LCD TV that is mounted to the wall. I’ve also got DirecTV and an AppleTV setup. When we leave the house for a showing I switch to the AppleTV source, the screen saver for it is great. It shows Album covers floating across the screen. Very clean, very cool and it really pops on the 52″.

This weekend I had an idea. I made a Playlist called “Home Selling Mix”
Here are the songs on the Playlist:

Michael Bublé

Long Way Home
Norah Jones

Home Life
John Mayer

A House is not a home
Luther Vandross


Foo Fighters

Beautiful Homes
Chris Isaak

Happy Home
Paula Cole

***For some reason I didn’t have Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” on my Mac.****

Now when I leave the house for the showing I have music playing at a lower volume, so just slightly in the background as the REALTOR takes the buyers around the house they hear the word “home…home….home..home…home”

File this under “Subliminal Showing Techniques” or SST as I’m going to call it.

Love to hear anyone’s suggestions for adding to my Playlist or you can tell me just to go bake chocolate chip cookies like everyone else.