September 2008

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I was watching the Emmys last night and had to write this post…

Kelly Roark -Front Door

Kelly Roark -Front Door

Tina Fey -TV star

Tina Fey -TV star

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Barbara Pacak

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Yesterday the city of San Francisco and the SF Association of Realtors lost a dear friend and an incredible asset. Barbara Pacak passed away on Tuesday. Barbara served the San Francisco Association of Realtors for 26 years as the administrative director. Professionally she was an incredible asset to our association and its members and our Association will be hard pressed to ever find someone as dedicated as Barbara.

Barbara was not defined by her job though. She was an incredibly friendly, personable, fun, dynamic woman who both Garrett and I cared a good deal for. We will miss her smile, her sense of humor, levity and her passion. She will be missed and we wish her family all the best in this sad time.

Thanks Barbara – you will be missed and never forgotten.”

According to an article in the Virgina Pilot…

“JPMorgan is advising Landmark on the sale of The Weather Channel, one of its largest properties, and Lehman Brothers is advising the company on the sale of its other media assets, Barry said.”

So JP Morgan handled the sale of The Weather Channel. Which was closed recently (September 12th) according to this CNBC article.

But that leaves Dominion Enterprises. And according to the Virginia Pilot article they were/are using Lehman Brothers. And we all know that Lehman Brothers didn’t quite get the love from Uncle Sam that Bear Stearns and more recently AIG received.

So you gotta wonder how this is effecting the sale process for Dominion Enterprises and it’s real estate division, Dominion Home Media.

Dominion Home Media includes popular real estate brands such as;

Advanced Access
Best Image Marketing

Time will tell.

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