July 2008

One day late but hopefully worth the wait….

I think I’m over _____ ______. Maybe Brad should move on and take him off his list of speakers, he’s had the guy on for the last 3 or 4 Connect Conferences.

Stupidest name change: __ _____ ___________. Maybe they should try hiring/stealing some marketing people from e_________ as well.

I still don’t know how ______ is going to make any money.

What’s the fasination with public facing ___ portals? Boooooring.

Looks like _______ seems to be leading on the innovation front. With their launch of the super sexy ______ _____ & ______ brand and ________.com being a “Most Innovative Media Site” nominee. Interesting things brewing in ___ Jersey.

I can’t remember seeing Ian ______ on a big panel in years. Good to see him back.

Love your ______ at the opening session ___. Very “Rat Packish”.

Who in the hell does ____ ________ think he is!!!

Great seeing everyone!


I’m not sure who else was paying attention but I’ve got to give a shout out to Sherry Chris and her team regarding the launch of Realogy’s new franchise Better Homes & Gardens. They knocked the ball out of the park.

As someone who truly appreciates a good marketing campaign I can say that these guys pulled off a virtually flawless launch. Here’s my breakdown.

1. The build up/buzz
Their blog, Clean Slate, gave everyone a front row seat to the excitement of building something new. And was a great avenue to send out their message while being a fun read.

2. The look
The whole “green” vibe is a perfect match for the brand. They carried that vibe through their entire campaign. Very clever and well executed.

3. BHG everywhere….
It seemed to me that BHG was everywhere. Something in my inbox, a twitter update, a panel, video blog, and press releases. My personal favorite a live countdown on Twitter to promote the launch. Classic! – Might have to steal that one.

Looking forward to see what this team does next.

Still recovering. I’ll have a special Vendor Alley “fill in the blanks” later today.

All good things must come to an end. Let’s just say a man in a blue blazer with a walkie-talkie opened the wrong door.

I’m gonna spare you the details of winners and losers. Here are two images that sum up the night pretty well (the faces of the participants were not used per request)


“Aye Aye Captain!”

Starts at 9PM tonight.

Call 714.240.3895 with codeword: “Namni Darb”, that’s Brad Inman spelled backwards, for secret room number.



Black Magic Voodoo Lounge

VanNess & Lombard

Be there!

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