April 2008


Here are our recap of our April Fool’s Posts. Thanks for making yesterday and today our most visited days as of yet!!

C.A.R. reveals plans for Statewide MLS

Errol Samuelson yields to customer pressure, and brings back the color purple to Top Producer.

Gregg Larson declares computer keyboards “not safe”, starts new Clareity division.

Nick Rapattoni leaves company, starts Death Metal rock band

Steve Ozonian joins FNRES, takes lead of MLS division



(April 1st, 2008) C.A.R. Executive Vice President Joel Singer today announced the California Association of REALTORS new statewide MLS solution. “What we are announcing today is truly revolutionary.” stated Mr. Singer. “MLSBook will be the new standard in the industry!” continued Mr. Singer.

At this point at the press conference “MLSBooks” were wheeled out on the stage and handed out to members of the press. The books were about twice the size of a regular yellow pages phone book.


“MLSBook are portable, don’t require a keyboard, never needs to charge, and chock full of 75dpi color photos of all listings in the state of California.” continued Singer. “There’s even an intuitive Table of Contents for easy searching, TAKE THAT GOOGLE!!!”

When one reporter asked about the portability of these new “MLSBooks” Singer also announced another new product called “MLSBook Tote” which appeared to resemble a refrigerator moving dolly. “We done focus groups and REALTORS love MLSBook Tote!”
Next Mr Singer made reference to a significant upgrade to MLSBook later in the year, “Two words—– shiny paper”

Al Gore could not be reached for comment.

(April 1st, 2008) “Some things die hard.” stated Errol Samuelson President of REALTOR.COM and Top Producer Systems (both owned by Move.com). “Frankly by replacing the color purple in Top Producer products we thought we were making a step towards a more ‘Web 2.0’ look and feel.” continued Mr. Samuelson. “I guess we were wrong”

Reports indicate that a “spirted” letter writing campaign was started by a real estate agent in Kent, WA. “We don’t know why so many REALTORS sent us hand written letters and not just email us, it was kinda bizzare” stated David Fisher, Top Producer Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Whoppi Goldberg could not be reached for comment.


(April 1st, 2008) Gregg Larson today announced the formation of a new division of Clareity Security, Clareity Keyboards. “It came to me while I was on the golf course, keyboards are inherently not safe and someone has to do something about it.” “Our new system takes your last name and coverts in to a series of prime numbers, those prime numbers are multiplied by Bill Chee’s birthday and BAM your 17 digit alpha numeric access code is generated!” Asked if his new system works with existing computer keyboards, Larson stated, “No. All REALTOR keyboards will need to be replaced with ‘Clareity MLS-Safe Keyboards’.

(April 1st, 2008) Nick Rapattoni, heir apparent at Rapattoni Corporation, has left the company and has decided to dedicate his efforts full time toward music. “Death Metal is my passion”, stated Nick. “My family is fully supporting me.” (Andy Rapattoni couldn’t be reached for comment) “My music is a mix of System Of the Down and the melodic harmonies of The Carpenters.” continued Nick.

“It’s less than a year now till the next auditions of American Idol, my dream is to bring Death Metal to Idol and rock the house!”

Simon Cowell could not be reached for comment.

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