narquestion.jpgSo right around the corner we have the 2007 NAR EXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course Las Vegas wasn’t NAR’s first choice, they ran into venue problems in Chicago and Las Vegas was the only town that could cover them. There have been some minor changes, mostly the Expo runs in the middle of the week instead of over a weekend. Which is fine by me, especially in Vegas, hell we pay too much for rooms as is. So the big question in my mind is—-Will the REALTORS come?

Will they come to Vegas? NAR says “YES! They will come” “It’s Vegas, of course they will come!” In fact they tell me that pre-attendance is way up over last year. When I remind them that last year was a post-Katrina New Orleans I get nothing but silence over the phone (cue crickets).

So I’ve got some questions, you can comment back or email me your responses….

Any budget cut backs this year?
Where are the demo suites this year?

Also, anything you want to plug about your company, feel free!

Those who post might even get the secret password to the “Backstage Pass” link up on the top right hand of this page. Secret cool stuff can be found for those with an ALL ACCESS password.