October 2007

I hesitate even posting this new because everyone gets those Rapattoni Corporation News emails. But this is pretty big.

Love ’em or hate ’em ever since Rapattoni has entered the MLS business they have been kicking ass. Andy Rapattoni is a legend in this business, I still marvel of how they have been in the real estate technology arena for over 37 years. Our best wishes to Nick, he’s got some pretty big shoes to fill.

New president for Rapattoni Corporation
SIMI VALLEY, Calif., October 31, 2007 – Rapattoni Corporation, a leading software and services provider to the real estate industry, announced today that its board of directors has elected Nicholas A. Rapattoni president effective November 1, 2007. The current president, Andy Rapattoni, will continue as chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

“Nick is in his eleventh year with the company,” said Andy Rapattoni. “His increasing leadership role since 2003 has proven that he can run a high-tech company and direct our team and our products into the future. As his parents, Niki and I are proud that he has aggressively pursued this challenge.”

Most recently Nick has served as vice president and director of corporate processes. In this position he worked closely with every department, learning their functions and needs in order to improve their processes and communication. Previously he was tasked with developing and managing the quality assurance department. He started with the company as a computer programmer. As a corporate officer, Nick has been serving as a member of the executive committee and has been involved in all major corporate decisions.

“The Rapattoni name has been synonymous with quality and service for nearly four decades, and I look forward to carrying on the tradition established by my parents,” said Nick Rapattoni. “It will be a challenge to follow in my father’s footsteps, as he is a true pioneer and visionary. However, I am confident that I can execute the presidency of Rapattoni Corporation and lead the company into the future with the help of the outstanding management team we have built.”

Niki Rapattoni, who will continue as chief administrative officer, said, “Nick grew up in the business, and Andy and I are very proud to have him take this step which provides for an orderly succession that preserves our company’s foundational values for the future. We will both remain active in the company.”

About the Company
Rapattoni Corporation has been serving the real estate industry under the same name and management for 37 years. The company provides an array of integrated products and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations including Internet MLS systems, association management software, and Secure Logon with Single Sign-On identity portals for online security and convenience. The company’s MLS products are serving about 300,000 agents nationally and its association management customers represent more than 85% of the nation’s Realtors®. Rapattoni’s headquarters are located in Simi Valley, California.

For more information contact Public Relations Manager Paula Allen at (800) 722-7338, or visit the company’s website at http://www.rapattoni.com/

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tie.jpg I got this from our friends at Clareity yesterday. I’m sure Gregg won’t mind me posting….

Dear Industry Colleague,

One of Clareity Consulting’s clients is seeking a National Sales Director focused on Broker technologies – please forward this email or nominate anyone you know that has done a great job selling Broker-focused technology and might be interested – or ask them to contact me or Kelly directly.

Clareity appreciates your assistance, and for a fun reward, the first person to nominate the person eventually selected for the position will win a $500 gift card from Macy’s, Best Buy – or any online store of your choosing.

A bit more about the position: This senior sales executive will be responsible for developing and nurturing relationships with the largest Broker and Franchise organizations to identify, evaluate, qualify, and close new business with existing and new clients. They develop ‘major account business plans’ (MABP) to achieve success and serve as ‘team leader’ to execute these plans. They will coordinate responses to RFPs and construct effective presentations. The position requires:

1) at least 10 years experience with proven sales results in closing million dollar plus transactions through consultative selling within the Broker Information Industry,
2) strong references from Brokers, Brokerage Executive and industry consultants,
3) highly developed negotiation and consultative selling skills
4) certification /professional designation from a major sales training program a plus
5) strong communication and presentation skills and the ability to present to groups of all sizes and organizational levels,
6) Bachelor degree or higher,
7) Willingness to travel up to 50% of the time.

Remote office or home-based office is acceptable. This is a large company with many new products to sell. The job offers a base salary of $75-$100K based upon experience and substantial commission opportunities because of the size of the sales.

Please let me know if you have someone in mind – and please put them in touch with me. You could also win the prize!

Thank you!

Gregg Larson, CEO (or Kelly McCormack, executive assistant at x200) Clareity Consulting Scottsdale, AZ 480-368-8100 x201 http://www.callclareity.com gregg.larson@callclareity.com

narquestion.jpgSo right around the corner we have the 2007 NAR EXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course Las Vegas wasn’t NAR’s first choice, they ran into venue problems in Chicago and Las Vegas was the only town that could cover them. There have been some minor changes, mostly the Expo runs in the middle of the week instead of over a weekend. Which is fine by me, especially in Vegas, hell we pay too much for rooms as is. So the big question in my mind is—-Will the REALTORS come?

Will they come to Vegas? NAR says “YES! They will come” “It’s Vegas, of course they will come!” In fact they tell me that pre-attendance is way up over last year. When I remind them that last year was a post-Katrina New Orleans I get nothing but silence over the phone (cue crickets).

So I’ve got some questions, you can comment back or email me your responses….

Any budget cut backs this year?
Where are the demo suites this year?

Also, anything you want to plug about your company, feel free!

Those who post might even get the secret password to the “Backstage Pass” link up on the top right hand of this page. Secret cool stuff can be found for those with an ALL ACCESS password.

Yesterday, Tom Phillips announced at CMLS that TREND was hosting the Connection 2008 conference. He announced it from the podium. Right before he left the stage I asked him if Vendors were going to be allowed to participate this year. After a short pause he said “no”. His excuses were pretty lame (Not enough meeting space? Come on???!) So much for the city of brotherly love.

And two states away at the California Association of REALTORS(r) Expo and Conference C.A.R. leadership were confiscating a white paper, written by our friends at Clareity Consulting, being distributed from the hands of their Board of Directors. The paper presented new ideas of for their state wide MLS initiative (I won’t even get started about how they already have a great solution)

I was reminded by Greg Swann’s post about the 50 year anniversary of Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged. Although I preferred her earlier novel, The Fountainhead, both books had an effect on me. What I was reminded about was the storyline of Atlas Shrugged, the idea that the movers of business, the engineers, the entrepreneurs, the designers, the artists all went “on strike.” Swann’s quotes the Wall Street Journal article written by David Kelly…

“The central action of “Atlas” is the strike of the producers, their withdrawal from a society that depends on them to sustain itself and yet denounces them as morally inferior.”

If the folks behind Connection 2008 and C.A.R. would like a copy of the book, I’d be happy to lend them mine.

nodrinks.jpgGot here Tuesday night. Downtown Seattle, nice hotel…old school. The first thing I want to report is that I was “cut-off” at the lobby bar. First time this has ever happen to me. The waitress comes over puts down my drink and tells me that per their policy this will have to be my last drink. I asked her why, she told me that it was my Xth (actual number withheld to protect the author) Tanqueray and tonic.

Dumbfounded and still feeling parched, we left for a friendlier atmosphere.

2007_conf_logo_185x135.gifOnly 43 days left till the NAR EXPO in Las Vegas…..

cmls1.jpgWe just wanted to send another plug out there for this upcomming conference, CMLS. It’s being hosted in Seattle this year by NWMLS, October 10-12. Check out this website for details. Always a great time where vendors and treated like the business partners instead of being banned like lepers.