June 2007

Well, since everyone else on the planet is talking about the iPhone we thought we would add to the mix.

The reviews are in, check out David Pouge’s on the NYT site, and Walt Mossberg from the WSJ. Better yet, just visit Gizmodo, our favorite gadget blog site for ad nauseam coverage. Walt’s main concern was the keyboard, he said that after 3 days he wanted to throw the iPhone out the window, but after 5 days he says that the keyboard is a “non-issue”.

I’m intrigued of how having a full browser on the phone, albeit Safari, will handle the some MLS systems. Might another Vendor pop up specializing in MLS search interface for the iPhone. What about existing MLS Vendors?

Or is all just hype?


I was thinking about what are the top products/services real estate vendors have contributed to the industry. My criteria is the products/services would have to be ground breaking, innovative or just plain cool. I’m going waaaay back, see if you agree…

Number 10
From knitting needles to the first online (300? baud modem) MLS!

Number 9
MLS Photos – I believe SuperTrieve or Realtreive (?) was the first online MLS to have property photos

Number 8
Lightning for DOS/Windows
Lightning was the first MLS access program (terminal emulator) that was compatible with both the Stellar MLS and Compass MLS system. Later Lightning for Windows was the first Windows-based MLS access program (terminal emulator) that was compatible with both Stellar and Compass (and photos.)

Number 7
Altaria (WyldFyre)
This product gave the TVI-950 menu driven Stellar MLS system a Windows search interace to the Stellar MLS system.

Number 6
TrueNorth Internet MLS System
Remember the boy geniuses Kevin and Curt? This was the very first web-based MLS system, they were later bought by GTE. Now Errol Samuelson (who was at GTE) runs Realtor.com and Curt is behind some of Move.com’s most innovitive stuff and Kevin is CTO of InstantService.com.

Number 5
They were the first to have MLS (SoCalMLS) listings on the internet.

Number 4
This MLS system, created by Terradatum, was eventually sold to HomeSeekers, then FNIS (FNRES, whatever..) and is now the core system of many of the “home-grown” MLS systems out there today.

Number 3
MLS Alliance
The first implementation started in Northern California as a way for MLS providers within a close geographic region to remain independent but share data through a common search screen interface. It was ahead of it’s time then and now ready for prime time as the MLS data sharing vibe continues to acclerate in the industry.

Number 2
Love or hate the site you’ve got to give credit to NAR for rising from the RIN ashes and weathering the accounting scandals of HomeStore to put up the number 1 real estate site on the internet.

Number 1
Broker Reciprocity /IDX
This product/services has many fathers. Companies like WolfNet and HomeSeekers with their CitySearch product really brought a lot of innovation to the mix. NAR set down policies and procedures and then the s*it hit the fan (DOJ).

Agree? Disagree?

Good article about eNeighborhoods’ new parent company, Dominion Enterprises, on Inman today…

Had a chance to visit some clients at this show. It’s being held at the St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point. Three words about the hotel.. OFF THE HOOK! This has got one of the best lobby bars I’ve ever seen. It puts the Ritz Carlton down the street to shame. So if your ever in the OC stop on by….